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Specialty Instrument Partners in Atlanta, GA is an esteemed distributor of surgical tools and supplies specifically designed for spine and neuro operational procedures. Every product offered bears the highest seal of quality and is made to withstand severe surgical needs.



Work with high-quality instruments that offer simplicity, practicality, and precision. Each tool is designed to provide ease of use, allowing surgeons to carry out operational procedures with focus and stability.

Quality Craftsmanship

We provide the next generation of state-of-the-art equipment that feature the highest quality technologies for modern surgical demands.

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Patented and Unique Instruments

Every design bears the promise of professional-grade quality, fit for the use of our esteemed medical practitioners. For this very reason, our products are patented and exclusively distributed by our company.

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Top-notch quality at reasonably priced rates, our medical tools offer great value and long-term usage. Browse our products list here.

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Our company supplies industry-grade tools and equipment for medical surgeons. If you would like to inquire about our products, send us a message.